Tuesday, March 19, 2013

sissy blackmail for the Mistress

Does a male who wants to be a slave have an obligation to also allow himself to be blackmailed by the Mistress?

When a male wants to play at being a slave, he enters a world created by the Mistress. It’s a world built on Her intelligence, Her efforts, Her time, Her beauty, Her strength, Her years of training and experience, and Her valuable resources. Consequently, the Mistress has interests and assets to protect and the slave should always put the concerns of the Mistress first. This means becoming a slave or even simply playing a slave requires that he provide Her with an “insurance policy” so She has the upper hand at all times and can protect Herself. In my humble opinion, this can only be achieved by submitting to blackmail. Being a slave and blackmail go hand-in-hand.

So let’s move into the danger zone. Here are some ideas. First, submit a completed blackmail application provided by the Mistress. The application answers should be handwritten in blue ink. Next, submit ten sheets of paper. They should be blank except for your signature, in blue ink, at the bottom of each. The extra sheets are for creating a backup original or extras if the printer jams so that Mistress can print just whatever She damn well pleases. Remember. Your signature is on the document.

Now for the amusement ride. Complete a model’s release form and buckle up! Submit a video of you stripped naked with humiliating phrases (e.g., i’m a queer cock sucker) and revealing information (e.g., your work phone number) written in magic marker all over your body from head to foot. Pictures are really inadequate since it can be alleged that they were doctored with Photoshop, etc. Make a video. The video should involve you masturbating, eating your cum and generally making a fool of yourself by doing things such as dancing like a ballerina and singing “i’m a little queer pot, here’s my spout (as you jerk your tiny cock) … “ It should be 10-15 minutes long and shot so your entire body appears in frame at all times.

Submit a list that includes your user ids and passwords for your computer, all of your email accounts and any online communities (e.g., fetlife.com) you belong to. Next, submit a set of keys to your residence so She can stop by your house at Her convenience while you’re at work and go through your personal effects. It’s a great way for Her to dig Her claws deeper. There’s an upside to all this. You get to enjoy the excitement of being put in a compromising position, feeling your heart beat race mixed with fear and exhilaration, to hear Her say “you’re really screwed now, little man”.

So, just how much do you adore Her? How far are you willing to go to protect Her. 



  1. Man this goes deep.
    But I'm willing to do this for my {masterxx divinegoddessxx}

  2. Like omg i wish I knew who was doing this to me, as its like I'm falling deeper into becoming a full fledged sissy slut

  3. I would love for a very strict and cruel Mistress do this for me.